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How to create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows you to easily create a vanity URL for your LinkedIn profile. Instead of sharing a random number you can share a unique public profile URL with your contacts. Follow these steps to enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile

  2. Click Edit

  1. Click Customize your public profile URL.

  1. Enter the URL that you wish to have for your profile. This should be your name or something consistent to your personal brand. Your custom URL must contain 5 - 30 letters or numbers. You cannot use spaces, symbols, or special characters.

  2. Once you have chosen an available URL, click Set Custom URL.

  1. If your user name is not available you will get this message: “This URL is not currently available. Please choose another custom URL.”
  2. You can now use your new custom URL to direct people to your LinkedIn account. To find this view your profile.

Don’t forget to change your URL wherever you use it - in your email signature, on your website in any documents.

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