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how to get a recommendation on your facebook page

Place recommendations let people share their experiences and help their friends discover great places to visit. It’s only available to Places.

You can put testimonials on your website, but do people really believe them anymore? A recommendation on Facebook comes from a real person who’s willing to publicly endorse you.

Facebook page recommendations

Here’s a few ways to get Facebook recommendations:

  • Ask your fans. Post a comment on your wall asking for people to leave a recommendation on your page. If they aren’t sure how, send them here.
  • Replicate feedback. When you receive face-to-face, over the phone or written feedback from your clients ask them if they would mind sharing their experience on your Facebook page.
  • Include a link in your follow up email. Do you send an email when you’ve shipped an item or finalised a job? Include a call-to-action and a link in your email that people can easily click and leave a recommendation on your Facebook page.

If you’re a page admin, you can hide public recommendations that everyone can see. Just hover over the recommendation post you want to hide and click 'x'. To see a full list of public recommendations for your place, click the See All link in the Recommendations box.

To unhide a recommendation so it can be seen by everyone:

  • Click the See All link in the Recommendations box.
  • Click the Hidden by Admin link.
  • Hover over the recommendation post and select to unhide that recommendation.

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