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The risks of delegating social media management and responsibility.


There are serious risks associated with delegating social media management and responsibility to novices and or administrative juniors. These risks include brand weakness or defamation, mixed messages to the market place and serious legal implications.


There have been several recent examples of how delegating social media management has landed people and companies in hot water.


Following the Batman movie shooting rampage in Colorado, Celeb Boutique posted a tweet saying "#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress," with a link to its website for the dress. The tweet prompted backlash, with people responding with "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS," and "You are disgusting." Needless to say, they were forced to apologise.

When looking for someone to manage your social media, whether it be internally or outsourced, there are three key questions that need to be asked:


One – do they know your brand, business and industry inside-out?

Two – are they highly skilled in marketing and PR?

Three – do they know how to use social media channels for business use?


If the answer is NO to just ONE of these questions, forget it, get someone else.


Remember, reputation is easier kept than recovered. 


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