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What is a welcome page and why is it good for my page?

A customised facebook welcome tab is the first thing a non-fan visitor sees when they come to the page.

The purpose of this tab is to entice people to like your page, and therefore become connected as a Fan. This tab also provides an opportunity to collect contact information via a newsletter sign up form, and have permission to connect with people in their inbox... adding another touch point to your marketing strategy. You can include outgoing links to your website and other social media platforms. 

An opt-in feature can also be enabled on your Welcome Tab, which allows you to have one message viewable to non-fans, and another for fans.

A customised Welcome Tab injects personality and pizzazz into your Facebook page, as well as making you look oh-so-professional.

Here are some examples:

Ellie Paxton Hall Welcome Page


Article Writers Facebook Welcome Tab Landing Page


Xennox Diamond World Facebook Welcome Tab Landing Page

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I cannot thank you enough... I now get quite excited to plan out my weekly social media strategy!  Your setup strategy and coaching has been invaluable and we have already doubled weekly visits to our page.

Annika Lewington
Executive Manager - Hillstone St Lucia, hundred acre bar & Hillstone Catering