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How to increase your Facebook EdgeRank score

Did you know Facebook determines which posts are seen in news feeds? You're probably asking "why don't all my fans see my Facebook posts?". The answer is EdgeRank. Facebook uses EdgeRank, a mathematical algorithm, to determine what your viewers want to see and how much they want to see it. It is therefore important to understand the way in which your actions affect this.


What is EdgeRank?

Facebook’s EdgeRank is the mathematical algorithm used to establish the position of content within the viewer’s News Feed, or whether that content appears at all. The algorithm assigns a score for the individual relationships you have with each of your fans. This algorithm takes into account Affinity, Level of Interaction and Timeliness to determine the way in which Facebook believes your consumer will feel about the content.



Affinity refers to the connection that exists between the publisher and the viewer. Affinity is calculated based on previous interactions by the viewer. This may include the amount of times they have visited your page, ‘liked’ or commented on content or posted content to your wall. For this reason, the greater the affinity with your consumer, the greater the likelihood of your consumer seeing your posts.


Level of Interaction

Level of interaction is calculated based on the type of interactions that occur between the consumer and brand’s page. These interactions are ranked based on the level of involvement exerted by your viewer. For example, commenting on an image requires greater involvement than ‘liking’ a status update. Therefore, Facebook’s algorithms would perceive consumers who comment on an image as more closely involved with your brand. Therefore assign your content a higher EdgeRank.



Much of the appeal of Facebook is derived from the consumer’s ability to remain up-to-date with the latest news, content and interactions of those who they are friends with and pages they like. As such, the edge-rank of content is lowered as it ages. In doing so, Facebook is able to ensure that consumers are not bothered by outdated content.


How to increase your EdgeRank score

No matter how good your content is, if you have a low EdgeRank score your fans may not even be seeing your posts. Here’s a few tips on how to increase your EdgeRank score.


  1. Post content that encourages a comment, such as a question.


  1. Post content that asks for a LIKE.


  1. Ask people to share your post. 


  1. Share interesting and unusual content.


  1. Create polls.


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